Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cutie Patootie

Gabriel loves crawling under the desk when I am working. He usually manages to make quite a mess... tearing out all the coupons I have organized, pulling all the printer paper out, one sheet at a time, and then somehow getting stuck under there. This is him about to assume his position under the desk! See the look of pure joy (and mischief)?

Yes, he is stuck in a box. How did he get in there? We have no idea. I was sleeping (Patrick lets me sleep in now on the weekend when he is home, since I am el prego) and Patrick went into the kitchen to get his coffee... he came back to the living room to find Gabriel stuck in the box. We are already being very adventurous!

Smile for the mommy!

Look how much he just LOVES his Daddy! Admiration at its best.

Ok, I know, I am an airhead. I taped it sideways again... if you really want to see our little peanut, you will have to turn your head sideways. Sorry. Otherwise, you can just listen to him copy me... I love it! This particular instance, he decided to sing his words a little bit... he must get that from his dad.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Twice the fun...

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting another baby! Gabriel is going to be a BIG brother somewhere around Sept. 29th, 2010, which coincidentally (not really, with God there is no coincidence) is the feast of the arch angels Gabriel, Michael and Rafael. With that being said, Patrick was hoping for twin boys so all of our boys would have the names of the 3 arch angels... much to his disappointment we confirmed 3 weeks ago that there is only one baby in there, although he asked the doctor to check more than once to see if she could find anything else in there. She searched around during the ultrasound, but only one heartbeat and one little body.

We are about 12 or so weeks along and everything is going great. Thankfully I am not nearly as sick as I was last time. The nausea comes and goes and is mostly just bad in the mornings. During the day I am extra tired, but Gabriel is a great distraction. He keeps me on my toes and lets me forget sometimes how bad I really feel. He turned 10 months on the 10th and let me tell you... he can not get any more fun!!

My every day is SO bright because of him. He giggles so much, he copies everything I say and do, and he is really just so darn cute all the time. He vocabulary has made more progress and he has managed to copy me saying, "thank you" and "no no no no no." He also is able to climb all the stairs with no help and he has finally managed to chew and swallow cheerios with no gagging... he must take after his mom with the gagging stuff. He loves being outside just like any boy and he is doing so much better in the car these days. He has begun to have his attachment issues when his mom leaves, but other than that he never complains. We think that we are finally breaking through with a tooth.. it took him long enough!

As much as I love Gabriel, I really can not imagine having someone else in my life that I love just as much! We can not wait to add another little person to love in our life...

(Promise to put up pictures soon... we just moved, so I am not even quite sure where the camera is...)