Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Beloved

We always say that we love attending weddings because of its reminder of what we have as husband and wife. It's easy... so very easy... to forget in this crazy life. We were blessed again tonight to attend a wedding of sweet friends of ours, Erica and Charles. Oh, the purity of the wedding was as white as snow. Weddings are so different when the souls are in a state of grace and well prepared. It's so beautiful and we always feel honored to receive such an invitation. Tonight we heard our reminder throughout the homily while Fr. Baker spoke about another homily he heard during the Dominican sisters 1st profession this summer. He said the priest looked at them and said, "This is not about you at all... it's about our Lord Jesus and what he is accomplishing through you." So true. This crazy life, this amazing vocation, this marriage is about Christ. Fr. Baker said he is reminded at every wedding of Christ's love for the Church when he sees the love of the groom and bride for one another. He reminded us that marriage is not only about loving, but as Jesus calls us his "beloved" we are reminded to "BE LOVED." Part of every love story includes the reception of love. We must receive it. I think so often we are confused and think that our calling to Christian discipleship means we must love and love and love, but we must also allow God to love us. It was a perfect reflection tonight for me... to think about how God has loved me... to remember how I am loved. If we could spend time every day BEING loved and truly take on the name of his beloved, how changed we would be. What a sweet name to be called. So, be loved.