Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're just little...

So, it's confirmed... we're just little... me and the baby.

We went today for another ultrasound (I think we are up to 8 now) and yet again, everything is fine. The baby is in the 39% range in size, which is totally cool because they do not start to worry unless the baby falls in the 10% or lower range. So, we're good to go. Dr. Barrett said she would be surprised if the baby weighed more than 7 pounds at birth, so you know what I said... "Great, s/he will be easier to get out!"

Some other news: I have gained 27 pounds and the baby's head is down. Both very good.

It was so neat today to see our little one on the screen. We watched his/her little mouth opening and closing and saw the little hands. It makes it so real. We are officially in the home stretch. Less than 3 weeks till the due date and the nesting has begun... whew... I was cleaning up a storm last night and never got tired. I think this is what they say happens. I am just praying not to drive Patrick too crazy in the meantime... so, pray I can learn to rest and that he will stop asking me if I am in labor!

Later taters!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love to laugh with him...

I guess right before you have a baby, you have that moment that all young married couples have... and you realize it's not gonna just be you two anymore. A new and amazing and even more self-sacrificing season of your life together will begin. It's at this moment when you realize there will be someone else to love, but such a grace to know that you get to love that new person together.

I was looking at our wedding pictures tonight because well, I think as long as I live, it will be one of my most favorite days ever and the pictures were making me laugh. Especially the one you see above. This is my husband on most days... he loves to laugh and he loves to have fun...everything to Patrick is FUN! For one example he is always throwing this stuffed monkey at me (that squeals like a monkey when it's thrown) and then he laughs uncontrollably for quite some time. And if I ever seem down, it's totally unacceptable. He will do whatever it takes to make me laugh. It seems to be the most important goal of his life, and sometimes I have to direct him elsewhere, like his schoolwork... So maybe this is way too cheesy... but, I really don't care. I have such an amazing husband. I have never been through a day with him where he has not asked me, "What can I do for you?" or "How can I make it easier on you?" I love the way he loves me. I can't wait for our little one to have a dad like him. I think that's one of the most important things when finding your vocation to marriage... will my kids know love if something were to happen to me? And yes, I have no doubt. They will know all about love and laughter. And with that great confidence, I am praying they have Patrick's eyes, so when they laugh they sparkle like their dad's...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Are you in labor?

So, this has become my new (and I think annoying) question for Kristi. Ever since she woke me up about a week ago at 2:30 in the morning with terrible back pain, even though she wasn't, I just thought it would be good for me to double check every once in a while. Kristi will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and Dr. Barrett told us at our last appointment that if she goes into labor now, she won't do anything to keep her from having the baby. It must be close, so I am just trying to be ready.

I am so excited about having this baby. Well, I guess I won't be having anything, but I am excited for the baby to be born. My exams will be over within 48 hours, so the baby can come whenever s/he wants to after around noon on Wednesday. I wouldn't complain if the baby decides to come tonight though. The next week or so is important though, so s/he should probably hold off for a little while. Wednesday night is the Baptism class at St. Henry's. As many people know, we're going to try to make our baby a Christian really soon after we come home from the hospital. Fr. Baker leaves for Italy on May 24, so we're trying for May 23 - just 4 days after to due date. Of course, we have no idea if the baby will cooperate, but we hope so.

This weekend is our birth class - six hours on Saturday and four on Sunday for ten whole hours. I'm wondering if we are going to act out what labor will actually be like with a little break in the middle. From what I have heard, labor can actually be alot longer than ten hours. I hope not. Maybe Kristi and I can do a "dry run" Saturday morning when we leave for the class, so we will be prepared when the real deal gets here. After the class on Saturday, Kristi has a shower with her friends here in Nashville. Again, as with our wedding and the showers we have had for the baby, I am amazed by and eternally grateful for the awesome generosity that our friends show us. Thank all of you so much.

Finally, Tuesday is the last hurdle we have to overcome before the baby can be born - breastfeeding class! Well, Kristi says the baby can't come before then, but I am ready now. So I'll just keep asking her if she is in labor in hopes that the baby will hear me and decide to join us.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Less than 4 to go...

The 36 week check-up was today. Yet again, I am told that I am measuring too small... so there could be a few things possibly wrong, but it's very likely that we are just having a small baby. Next week we will have another ultrasound to check the baby's weight and I am sure everything will be just fine. She said usually at this point if the placenta wasn't doing its job and the baby stopped growing like it should, then I would be feeling really bad, my blood pressure would be doing weird things, along with other signs... and I am doing great.

Funny leg thing... I have lately had this crazy thing going on with my leg... it's one of those nerve deals, where the baby sits on a nerve and all of a sudden, I am walking, and BAM, there I go looking like someone with a limp. It's funny. I think our baby already has quite a sense of humor because he or she tends to do this at the best times... and I mean, the most inconvenient and when the most people are around. Love it.

Overall we are doing great. Heartburn continues on and sleeping is totally overrated at this point, but whatever... cause WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! Soon, we get to hug and kiss our little person, who God so generously granted to us out of love... what a miracle. I can't wait.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

5 Weeks TO GO!

5 weeks left. Today we went for our last visit before we start the weekly stops at Dr. Barrett's. That means, we are getting close. I won't go into details, but Baby Bentley is surely letting us know that time is coming soon. Dr. Barrett said that I am well on my way, although not dilated yet, as of today. We are going to keep praying that our little one's head stays down and butt stays up, so join us in prayer if you feel so moved to do so... it would make life and delivery much easier! In the meantime, I am working on walking with no waddle and keeping the heartburn away. Sleeping is getting more difficult, but I assume this small cross will be a blessing when the baby arrives and sleep is interrupted more frequently. The joy and anticipation is building... I looked at Patrick yesterday and said, "So, you ready?" And he smiled back and said, "I can not even tell you how excited I am. I want the baby to be here already." Alright, buddy... not just yet... let's wait just a while longer. But, wow, am I pumped!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is RISEN! Alleluia! Happy Easter! What a great and glorious God we have; He came to give us life. Oh, sweet life, growing inside, I just love you!

Daddy Patrick put together Baby Bentley's crib this weekend! It was an exciting 2 days. After I had my first Mama Meltdown, we decided to get moving on pulling this place together for a baby. Until now we didn't have the room, but since we do now and I realized I only have 5 weeks left... we got motivated. My parents came up and bought us a crib and we bought the matching changing table so now the baby can poop and sleep... thrilling, isn't it?!

It was such a blessing. My parents helped us hang pictures, paint walls, clean, and if you know my mom (she's like a machine when it comes to cleaning) so you know I got about 20 loads of laundry done too! We are now feeling more ready for this baby to come. I even picked out what clothes to wash for little one and what to pack in my hospital bag... these are the things I was having the Mama Meltdown about... I just wasn't sure about the details of how to be all ready... now I am a little more clear. We also picked out our bedding (one for a boy, one for a girl)... I still haven't a clue as to what person is inside. All I know is that they are growing a ton. I feel bigger and bigger every day and as you can see in the picture above, today I was representing a pastel Easter egg. I told everyone on the way to Mass this morning that I was a sure sign of new life, sticking out about a mile in the front, I am sure no one missed me and I hope my rotund belly made them smile!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, what better gift than a blessing from the Bishop on my birthday! Last year the Regnum Christi members of Nashville had a brunch with Bishop Choby on my birthday and THIS YEAR... I didn't expect to be blessed with another run in with the BISH (as Fr. Baker says).

I went to Mass at noon today at the Cathedral and I was praying afterward... and making a giant list of what I have to do before the baby gets here and what do ya know... in walks Bishop Choby. So, I waited to see what he was doing... seemed to be planning for the Chrism Mass. He wasn't there long, but when he decided to leave, I followed him out and requested a Birthday Blessing! I thought, "Why not?" He is my shepherd... and he was excited to see my belly and asked when the baby would arrive.

So, I only expected to get a quick blessing, but instead he prayed over me with his hand on my head and asked for blessings on me, my birthday and for my sweet baby. It was so great.

My birthday started with purple tulips (my fav), Cherry Dr. Pepper (i know, sounds like a miracle), a huge birthday sign, breakfast in bed with my favorite orange juice, I am awaiting my chicken parm now ... and then a blessing from the Bishop! God loves me.

So, for a baby, this was a big day... Baby Bentley's first blessing from the Bishop.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yesterday was another check-up. My belly measured one cm too small, so I had to go back later for a follow-up ultrasound... they wanted to make sure the baby was growing like it should. So, we went back and ALL WAS WELL! Our sweet baby is 4 pounds 7 ounces thus far... wow, no wonder my tailbone is killing me and I am starting to waddle! I figure I was measuring a little small because, well, I'm little. When you are only 5 feet, I don't imagine you will measure like everyone else. So, baby is great and already head down, which is marvelous! I have gained almost 25 pounds at this point, so I have grown real fast the past few weeks. Today I had at least 4 people say, "Wow, you are getting big." Yeah, I am noticably very BIG. Love it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've Moved!

We are now in our new apartment. It was quite a miracle... the move. We had Bobby and Katherine on Friday night who helped us get started. Saturday came with a team of saints helping Patrick and I including Patrick and Mark Simpson, the wonderful Robinson's, Jeff, David, Frances, Mariu, and John and Jess Murphy... to top it all off, Fr. Baker showed up and insisted on carrying some things in! It was such a great surprise. We even got him to bless our new home... he said, "I have the technology, why not use it?" Sunday we were surprised with a troop of Vandy+Catholic students including Cristina, Hillary, Niki, Geoff, and Travis, who did an incredible job with finishing off the old place. They painted, spackled in the holes and cleaned the whole kitchen.. all jobs that would have taken us forever. Amazing. And even more helpful was my mom, who came for the whole weekend and worked like a machine... she helped me get rid of SO much stuff I didn't need, organized the whole kitchen, and did laundry and more laundry. Katie and Steve brought us cupcakes Sunday night, then Erin and Charles came on Monday to help get more organized and even took our door to storage (we removed our closet door) and as the grand finale Mark and Rachel showed up with dinner for us!

What a weekend! God loved us in all the little details. I didn't have to lift anything and within 48 hours we were moved. We are loving the extra space and just working on getting settled so we can start on the baby's room. I can't wait! 6 weeks and 5 days till Baby Bentley is due to arrive.