Monday, April 27, 2009

Are you in labor?

So, this has become my new (and I think annoying) question for Kristi. Ever since she woke me up about a week ago at 2:30 in the morning with terrible back pain, even though she wasn't, I just thought it would be good for me to double check every once in a while. Kristi will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and Dr. Barrett told us at our last appointment that if she goes into labor now, she won't do anything to keep her from having the baby. It must be close, so I am just trying to be ready.

I am so excited about having this baby. Well, I guess I won't be having anything, but I am excited for the baby to be born. My exams will be over within 48 hours, so the baby can come whenever s/he wants to after around noon on Wednesday. I wouldn't complain if the baby decides to come tonight though. The next week or so is important though, so s/he should probably hold off for a little while. Wednesday night is the Baptism class at St. Henry's. As many people know, we're going to try to make our baby a Christian really soon after we come home from the hospital. Fr. Baker leaves for Italy on May 24, so we're trying for May 23 - just 4 days after to due date. Of course, we have no idea if the baby will cooperate, but we hope so.

This weekend is our birth class - six hours on Saturday and four on Sunday for ten whole hours. I'm wondering if we are going to act out what labor will actually be like with a little break in the middle. From what I have heard, labor can actually be alot longer than ten hours. I hope not. Maybe Kristi and I can do a "dry run" Saturday morning when we leave for the class, so we will be prepared when the real deal gets here. After the class on Saturday, Kristi has a shower with her friends here in Nashville. Again, as with our wedding and the showers we have had for the baby, I am amazed by and eternally grateful for the awesome generosity that our friends show us. Thank all of you so much.

Finally, Tuesday is the last hurdle we have to overcome before the baby can be born - breastfeeding class! Well, Kristi says the baby can't come before then, but I am ready now. So I'll just keep asking her if she is in labor in hopes that the baby will hear me and decide to join us.


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