Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, what better gift than a blessing from the Bishop on my birthday! Last year the Regnum Christi members of Nashville had a brunch with Bishop Choby on my birthday and THIS YEAR... I didn't expect to be blessed with another run in with the BISH (as Fr. Baker says).

I went to Mass at noon today at the Cathedral and I was praying afterward... and making a giant list of what I have to do before the baby gets here and what do ya know... in walks Bishop Choby. So, I waited to see what he was doing... seemed to be planning for the Chrism Mass. He wasn't there long, but when he decided to leave, I followed him out and requested a Birthday Blessing! I thought, "Why not?" He is my shepherd... and he was excited to see my belly and asked when the baby would arrive.

So, I only expected to get a quick blessing, but instead he prayed over me with his hand on my head and asked for blessings on me, my birthday and for my sweet baby. It was so great.

My birthday started with purple tulips (my fav), Cherry Dr. Pepper (i know, sounds like a miracle), a huge birthday sign, breakfast in bed with my favorite orange juice, I am awaiting my chicken parm now ... and then a blessing from the Bishop! God loves me.

So, for a baby, this was a big day... Baby Bentley's first blessing from the Bishop.

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