Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying to leave a legacy... of boys.

It is not uncommon to have pj parties, horse riding parties and dance parties in the evenings at our home!
Our youngest and craziest. The hair tells all. He is into everything. He empties the pantry, the cabinets, the toy box and loves to play in the toilet. One toilets now has a gate around it in our home.

Brotherly love.
I just love his cheeks and those little lips.
I love that we have a priest in the family. It is a gift that I will only know the graces from when we enter Heaven. I feel assured that Uncle Fr. Eddie will be key in their discernment of their vocation. He skiis, he eats hotdogs, he plays games, and he celebrates Mass! Just being around him brings so many questions already.

Their dad is their hero. They just adore him. Behind all good men is an amazing father.
Silly goose.
Adam turned one! Sang and ate cake on the dock with all 11 cousins. Couldn't have been better!
Fishing at sunset. I just LOVE this picture. Gotta frame it.

My oldest, who is only 4, skiied for the first time. He is fearless when is comes to water. Always has been. We call him our little Michael Phelps.

I want them to learn to love. I want them to know what respect is and how to take care of what they have, whether its a little or a lot. I want them to know how important their siblings are and the value in taking care of one another. I want them to learn patience and perseverance. I want them to have a great appreciation for life. I want them to know how to ski and fish and swim and run and jump. I want them to set goals and keep their hearts fixed on accomplishing them, even if they are small. I want them to appreciate their time together and always love to dance. I want them to know Jesus. Really know him. In an intimate way. So they speak to Him every day. I want them to know how much their dad and I love them. Because we really do. I want them to know that even though we have weak moments and sometimes are impatient and sometimes are grumpy, that that's not the standard to live by. I want them to know that the Church and all it teaches is the greatest gift they are given as a compass in life. I want them to know how hard I have worked to start this school, so one day they will appreciate the time they have had at home, to learn and be together. I want them to know that they are worth something and God created them for a purpose, a vocation, a very specific way to love. I want to leave a legacy of these three young men behind one day. Three young men (and maybe more) who know how to be a real man, who love Jesus, and know Love in the spiritual sense and the human sense.

Praying today for all parents. Those who are struggling to fight the values the world uphold. For those who are not able to be with their kids often. For those who have husbands deployed. For those who are just simply fighting the good fight. And I pray for the grace to help guide my little souls to all good things.