Monday, September 3, 2012

It just keeps getting sweeter...

 Some sweet pictures the day of Adam's Baptism!

 The moment when everything changes. A child of Jesus Christ! The life of grace is a flowin'!

 The Zimmerman peeps.
 The Bentley peeps.
 Our two favorite priests ever. It was super cool to have Fr. Baker baptize Gabriel, Fr. Edward (Patrick's brother), baptize Anthony and Adam, and then have both of them there for Adam Joseph's special day. We LOVE our priests!!
 Adam on a normal day, napping. Yea, it's pretty loud around here... so, while he sleeps, he generally shakes his head at his brothers and leaves his hand on his head!
 This is the new me... above. Less round in the belly, more full in the hands... and heart!
 My little man smiling in the car... super rare. He usually screams.
 These are classic morning pictures. Everyone wants to cuddle in bed with mom. Adam, usually naked from peeing or puking on his clothes. Gabriel, usually naked because he already took his pj's off and is ready to get dressed for the day... and has been wearing his underwear backwards lately (as you can see) so he can see what super hero is on them. Then Anthony, who needs to get outside within minutes of waking up or is a grumpy pants. He cries about everything till you get him moving... here, he wants the camera and got mad at me for taking off his shirt to dress him!

 The baby has no clue. Gabriel, yup, picking his nose an asking for a tissue. Anthony... still mad. It's generally pure chaos, which is super hard for me who really likes the quiet... hence, while I am up at 4am writing this blog... love the quiet.

 Bath time. He LOVES the bath. And gets pretty upset when I take him out. He is so sweet.
 Daddy hanging with Adam.

 Some great shots of the little man and his awesome baby blues! Love that smile!
You would think that it would just keep getting harder. And it does. But, it also just keeps getting sweeter. Adam Joseph is one sweet little man. He has a very mild temperament, smiles a lot, and sleeps great (at night). He loves music and smiles most often at Gabriel. He is still working on figuring out if Anthony loves him or hates him... and I think Anthony is trying to figure that out too... one moment he is kissing him, the next he is squeezing his legs or arms as hard as he can or trying to aim right at his head with a favorite toy. Yeah, a new interesting life... combating the love of Anthony for Adam. It is funny how when another soul enters your life, you really can never imagine what your life was like without him. Adam, our third little peanut, has made our life full of little boys!! 

Many days I feel as if I am drowning. In the feeding of three kids, the mess, the laundry, the being awake in the middle of the night and then early mornings, the changing his clothes and then changing mine because of puke, the diapers... ohh, the diapers, the groceries, the cooking, the quality time, the reading, the schedules, sleep strikes... and the list goes on. The good Lord knows how to sanctify me. He is doing well at it. I thank Him for his grace. But, I couldn't love this vocation any more. 
It is a sweet sweet life.

Thank you, Jesus, for three beautiful little boys and one amazing dude for a husband.