Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love your husband... the rest will follow...

Patrick and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary. It has flown. I say that... but, we have moved 2 times, had 3 babies, held 6 different jobs between the two of us to make ends meat, and got a PhD... and now, we are starting a school. God has provided soo much. I look back and cannot believe the countless graces, unexpected gifts, and amazing joy He has given to us. It has been tough and we have both worked hard, but every moment has sanctified and brought us closer to Our Lord Jesus.

About a month ago I was asking advice from someone I really respect about a certain situation in my life that I have been struggling with. I asked, "What should I do? What should I say? How do I act? Should I make a phone call about it? Should I yell about it? How can I make a difference?" She told me she knew exactly what I should do. First, stop worrying about it. Anxiety and fear never comes from God. Second, when the time does come, an honest open heart and a simple prayer to the Holy Spirit would do it. Don't make big plans to say grand things. God will help me. And lastly, she told me she had the key to everything. Drumroll, I thought to myself. I am ready for the magically and life changing answer. She told me that if I ever wanted to make a difference in anyone's life, that I need to love my husband as best I could. To make him first and foremost (next to Jesus of course) and that the rest would follow. That is all. That is what changes the world. Love my husband.

Thankful for the vocation of wife and mother today. Praying to be more faithful every day.