Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love to laugh with him...

I guess right before you have a baby, you have that moment that all young married couples have... and you realize it's not gonna just be you two anymore. A new and amazing and even more self-sacrificing season of your life together will begin. It's at this moment when you realize there will be someone else to love, but such a grace to know that you get to love that new person together.

I was looking at our wedding pictures tonight because well, I think as long as I live, it will be one of my most favorite days ever and the pictures were making me laugh. Especially the one you see above. This is my husband on most days... he loves to laugh and he loves to have fun...everything to Patrick is FUN! For one example he is always throwing this stuffed monkey at me (that squeals like a monkey when it's thrown) and then he laughs uncontrollably for quite some time. And if I ever seem down, it's totally unacceptable. He will do whatever it takes to make me laugh. It seems to be the most important goal of his life, and sometimes I have to direct him elsewhere, like his schoolwork... So maybe this is way too cheesy... but, I really don't care. I have such an amazing husband. I have never been through a day with him where he has not asked me, "What can I do for you?" or "How can I make it easier on you?" I love the way he loves me. I can't wait for our little one to have a dad like him. I think that's one of the most important things when finding your vocation to marriage... will my kids know love if something were to happen to me? And yes, I have no doubt. They will know all about love and laughter. And with that great confidence, I am praying they have Patrick's eyes, so when they laugh they sparkle like their dad's...

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  1. Kristi, what a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes because each word that you wrote I truly do see lived in you and patrick! Thank you for your example of faithful, true, delicate, and joyful love for one another. Can't wait to hang out with you both on Friday!