Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've Moved!

We are now in our new apartment. It was quite a miracle... the move. We had Bobby and Katherine on Friday night who helped us get started. Saturday came with a team of saints helping Patrick and I including Patrick and Mark Simpson, the wonderful Robinson's, Jeff, David, Frances, Mariu, and John and Jess Murphy... to top it all off, Fr. Baker showed up and insisted on carrying some things in! It was such a great surprise. We even got him to bless our new home... he said, "I have the technology, why not use it?" Sunday we were surprised with a troop of Vandy+Catholic students including Cristina, Hillary, Niki, Geoff, and Travis, who did an incredible job with finishing off the old place. They painted, spackled in the holes and cleaned the whole kitchen.. all jobs that would have taken us forever. Amazing. And even more helpful was my mom, who came for the whole weekend and worked like a machine... she helped me get rid of SO much stuff I didn't need, organized the whole kitchen, and did laundry and more laundry. Katie and Steve brought us cupcakes Sunday night, then Erin and Charles came on Monday to help get more organized and even took our door to storage (we removed our closet door) and as the grand finale Mark and Rachel showed up with dinner for us!

What a weekend! God loved us in all the little details. I didn't have to lift anything and within 48 hours we were moved. We are loving the extra space and just working on getting settled so we can start on the baby's room. I can't wait! 6 weeks and 5 days till Baby Bentley is due to arrive.

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