Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A gift from Mary...

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, when the the angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her she would conceive of a son! The Word became flesh... an amazing and miraculous celebration for the world. We could ponder for a lifetime this love of God, that He would send His only Son to us to save us from our nothingness. I love that the Church celebrates this with a feast.

Well, it was today that we got a phone call from our apartment office telling us that, not only was a 3 bedroom apartment available to us, and not only would they waive the $1,000 fee to switch apartments, but they would also put in brand new carpet AND THE PRICE: only $16 more a month than we are paying now. Another bedroom, a bigger kitchen and living room and another full bathroom. WHAT? Are you serious? The woman at the office said, "Honey, I have no idea how you pulled this one off, but my boss agreed." (Begging with a belly always helps), but truly, this was a gift from Mary. So, Patrick came home, we looked at the new place, and we move in two days. On top of all this, we will be moving into apartment 513 and 5/13 (May 13th) is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima... my girl... who I have been praying to so often.

I was trying really hard to detach from setting up a nursery... we just didn't have the room. All of our baby stuff is in the living room right now, so I thought, ok, this is God's will... we will make it work. That is what I love about Him: He waits to see if we will detach... He's tricky... and then graces us with His love, that we don't even deserve. So, thank you Lord. Thank you, Mary. We will now be living in a place where we can still have guests stay and now I can create a room for this little soul that will be born soon. It has been a beautiful feast day. As Fr. Baker would say, "WHOOP!"


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  2. As an Aggie might say, Whoop!!!

  3. This is great news! I have fallen behind on my reading, so I am catching up with all your wonderful posts! I hope to see you very soon. Love ya and your baby!