Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I guess the baby's getting bigger, so there is less room for digestion and more chance for stomach acids to rise. It's pretty brutal.

So, how do you get through constant heartburn... a solution could be to change the name, change your attitude about it, offer it up? Me, I have decided to consider it LOVE. When thinking of LOVE you usually imagine hearts, warmth, burning fire... "C'mon Baby Light my Fire" and songs anyway... so why not consider this thing called heartburn as nothing other than 'loveburn!" A pure gift of firey love from my child within. Maybe silly, but it helps me... to go a little deeper, I actually came up with this conclusion due to a profound comment I received from someone the other day. I have already experienced the great love I have for this small little one I get to meet soon, but it hadn't really occured to me that, not only would I adore this baby, but this baby would love ME as well. What a gift! Soon, someone else will enter this world who will love me... so, my heartburn: just a small reminder and glimmer of the burning love my sweet one will have for me and Patrick when they arrive.

Burn, baby, burn!

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