Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday! I was so happy to celebrate with him. He even let me help him blow out the candles. I prepared by hanging a birthday sign, picking out a card, helping mommy wrap his gifts... well, I kinda just ate the wrapping paper... and by singing really loudly to him. I tried to be really good all day long, so mommy could make him a yummy dinner and clean up the house from our crazy Thanksgiving trip. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I even got to stay up past my bedtime! Now that I know how much fun this is, I can't wait to turn ONE in May. Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you.


  1. you guys are precious. i miss you more than you know...hugs and tons of love.

  2. aww tooo cute!!! happy birthday Patrick!