Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010

The last 5 days have been crazy here in Nashville.  If you have seen the news at all, we had torrential rainfall during the weekend.  At least 25% of Nashville's annual rainfall fell in a matter of two days overwhelming one of the cities two water treatment facilities, leaving 14,000 homes without power and killing at least 18 people.  We were generally unaffected by the rains with the exception being trapped at work for 5 hours on Saturday afternoon.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I had a message from my manager that the golf course was closed but that I needed to help set-up for a wedding that evening.  I arrived at work at ten to 2 and there was water running across the entrance, but I made it across in the Honda just fine.  Not more than thirty minutes after I arrived, there was waist deep water running across the entrance, and the water was shoulder deep by 3.  There were about a dozen people at the club, and the golf pros set out driving the cart paths looking for a way out but were largely unsuccessful.  By around 5, the wedding had been moved to a nearby hotel, so I was just waiting to be able to leave.  The water finally receded by 7:15, so I finally left.

Below are some pictures of the flood.  All of these locations are within 5-10 minutes driving of where we live.

These are of the flooded water treatment facility:

These streets are right down the road.  As you can see, both are flooded:

Here are a couple boats that were swept away by the flood waters.  I should note that we don't live near a boatable body of water, so this is unusual:

Coast Guard to the rescue:

The water likely covered this taxi.  The driver must be airing it out:


  1. Thanks for posting...feeling a little removed...being away but uniting with all in prayer! SEEING it...the devastation...the lives lost, breaks our hearts. Glad y'all are safe and sound. God Bless, Laura

  2. Was thinking and praying for you and all our nashville friends. so glad you are okay. Such a crazy thing! We just missed it!
    I always wonder what God has in mind in situations like this..