Friday, July 2, 2010


We have started a pretty awesome tradition in our home, which I just love. We daily crank up the tunes and have a dance party in the living room. Patrick usually starts it, I follow, and Gabriel takes only seconds to realize, "Oh, man, my parents are dancing like crazy people again." He gets over the embarrassment pretty quickly and joins in with his head nods, his bouncing, swaying and clapping of hands. Quite honestly, we go nuts and dance all over the room... we act like we are experts, but trust me, no one would ever hire us for their music video.

Anyway, after the party, we turn the music down and get about our day... one of us leaves for work and the other stays home to be the parent and housekeeper. The itunes music plays at random in the background while we go about our day. So, today, I am in the kitchen. Gabriel has just eaten and is stirring imaginary food in his bowl, I am unloading the dishwasher and cleaning dishes, and then I hear it.... Usher begins... his famous song called "Yeah." Now, you are thinking... this is a horrid song with lots of bad words and the story line is just totally awful. But, if it were 5 years ago in a small gym at Berry College you would have found me dancing to this song in front of hundreds of people... "seriously" I remembered. I can not believe I did such things. Then I flash back to reality and look at my sweet son, look at my dishes and it takes no effort to see this huge belly sticking out in front on me. I am married, with almost 2 kids, taking care of a house. I started cracking up.

What's the significance? It was just a small moment where God opened my eyes and said, "Look where I have brought you." It was a sweet gift to know that through his grace I made it here in this moment with a life so full. So, the truth is, there was nothing significant about it. It was just a moment where Usher reminded me of the woman God is growing me into through my vocation as wife and mom and it made me happy. God has brought me a very long way since those days in the gym performing to Usher. I am so grateful that my performances are now only for the private audience of Gabriel!


  1. oh. my goodness! that is the best thing i have read in a while! such a good ol' inspiring Kristi Bentley story! the image i got of the entire bentley fam. jamming to Usher was priceless! so thanks for sharing! you have made my day! i hope we can talk soon, Mrs. B! :D xoxo Taylor

  2. I do not know you hardly at all but from the little I've seen you, I can't imagine you dancing to Usher! Funny.

    Also, I just saw your ticker at the top- were you married on 7/7/07? That is my anniversary, too... and our first son, Gabriel. Small world!
    Have a great week!

  3. (o taylor you are so funny!!!) Mrs. Bentley i miss you so much!! This state isn't the same without you! I hope you, Patrick, and Gabriel, as well as little Baby Bentley #2 are doing swell. I love reading your updates (aka...stalking!!!) and hearing about your exciting life!! Have a fantastic rest of the summer!!!

    Love and prayers,
    Kaitlyn H