Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween, you crazy monkey

The Bentley family... the mom, the monkey, the banana,
and we are not quite sure what Patrick dressed up as...

Gabriel and one of his very best friends, Ania. He just loves her. But, we have taught him well... he won't touch her!! Love that little chubby ladybug.

Gabriel drove us all around last night! He was so good. Loved the peoples' homes who had dogs more than the ones who had candy. I asked him to say trick or treat at one house and he responded with "ruff, ruff." And Patrick loved the homes who had beer... yea, they were giving out beer with their candy!

One of our first stops... nice butt.

My three boys... so cute... and so stinkin' scary weird. It was a work of art of Caleb. Patrick allowed him to paint however he wanted on his blank canvas!


  1. That is too stinkn' cute!! hahahah LOVE LOVE the costumes!! Wish we all lived closer. We would have had a great Halloween - Patricks red cup beverage would have been at home with our motley crew ; ) it's a great way to trick or treat!

  2. Mrs. B!!!! I cannot believe how adorable your monkey and banana are! Patrick's face looked pretty festive too... :D We need to talk soon. seriously. I miss you! hOPE EVERYTHING'S great in TN! love, Taylor Halbig