Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Happiest Kid I Know

My sweet second baby boy, Anthony. I have done him a bit of injustice because I probably posted about Gabriel every other day and this kid hasn't had but one entry to himself since he was born. A small update: He is 3 lbs lighter than Gabriel (my almost 2 year old), he is turning over both ways, from his back to belly first and then just two days ago he started going from his belly to back... he did it backwards. He is getting his two front bottom teeth and hasn't complained for one second. He loves to grunt and he SMILES all day LONG! He has been a joy because I love having some chubbiness to hold on to and some huge cheeks to eat. Yummy. He giggles at just about anything. All you have to do is look at him and he busts out with a little giggle. He is taking two naps a day, one in the morning around 10am and another around 3pm when Gabriel is waking up from his nap. The boys tag team naps, so I rarely have a break, but I do get to spend quite a bit of "alone time" with each of them. God answered my prayer when I asked to have enough time for them individually. He is super laid back and chills anywhere we go. He is a great nurser and loves to cuddle. He is lately enjoying the johnny jump up so much and we discovered last night that he cracks up at the video, "Baby Signing Time." He spends most of his days making sure Gabriel doesn't lay on him to hard when he hugs him... and rolling around on the ground. He's the best baby ever. He is sleeping from about 9pm-5am and then going back to sleep till 8:30am when Gabriel gets up. It's great. I generally call him "Bubby, " "Fatty," or "Chunky Monkey" which are all super appropriate! He is the happiest kid I know!

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  1. I love little chunky cheeks too - and agree - he is so stinking happy ! Can't wait to see them again!