Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brotherly Love...

They really are inseparable. They follow one another around. Anthony always wants to play what Gabriel is playing, always wants to be laying on him, and always wants to be in the same room. Gabriel has become quite the care taker, announcing to me when Anthony has a poop, when he needs a drink and what kind, and tonight he even saved him from swallowing a toy... I heard him yell, "No, Anthony, you can not put that in your mouth. You will choke. I will get it out." And he did. He dug his finger right into his mouth and yanked out the toy. (he wouldn't have swallowed it... it was too big... but big brother saved the day anyway)!!

I hope to record more of these moments when they are interacting because it really cracks me up on an hourly basis. I love it. I love that they have each other. And I think they are glad too.

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