Friday, January 31, 2014

Remembering my marriage

When all the outside noise is stripped away, I am reminded of my marriage. Even though we generally fall asleep in conversation at night because we are both so wiped out... it is refreshing in a sense to be wiped out together.

Although I am sure this move is one of the many struggles we will bear together, I am discovering a bit of newness in us. We stayed up till midnight the other night just talking. We actually did not fall asleep. I had no work to do for a retreat or emails to answer for the school. We had managed to actually finish dishes before 10pm and we just sat and talked. I was reminded of the blessing of my marriage. I pray I always remember it. The gift that God granted us in one another... and that we will journey together till the end... in lots of good times and lots of bad. We have to hang on to those good... those sweet times, so we can make it through the tough ones. It was amazing how such a great time the night before really got me through my next day, as terrible as it was.

If nothing else makes sense right now, Patrick does. He is there every day, encouraging me, folding laundry, doing dishes, loving on our boys, having sincere conversation with each of us. He tries so hard to be so good and do his "duty" as a husband and father. We all need a rock. Of course, the Lord is always my rock, but He also provided me with Patrick... so I'll take him as my rock too. I am grateful for a new season we have now to discover one another in a different light... new home, new town, new baby... and more time (if you can imagine 4 kids giving you more time).

Grateful today for my groom.

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