Sunday, June 8, 2014

Needing to catch up...

Writing tonight from Patrick's computer. Been having lots of trouble actually getting to a computer these days. Four kids in our home has left time for, well, nothing else. Tonight is the first night Evelyn has gone to sleep before 10.. and usually its more like midnight. It has been a tough transition for sure...

I am going to get caught up now. Stay tuned for blogs about the birth of Evelyn Rose, an update on the boys,  Evelyn's baptism, Easter, my retreat, life in Rhode Island, and my farewell to Nashville...

For now, I will tell you that life here is quite different. It has been very hard, but very good. The good Lord stripped us of all we know and are familiar with and brought us to our knees. We are alone here, managing well, but managing alone. It has been very good. We have more order, less running around, more peace, less distractions from friends, events, parties, and all other things that are good, but distracting.

I have managed to find a few friends, which is refreshing. I am realizing what a gift friendship is. I am realizing how precious it is for a Christian woman to have friends around her for support. Us moms need cheerleaders in our court as we stay at home and struggle to raise these beautiful children and give ourselves in love to our husbands. It is good to have friends who do the same. They are a gift.

All is well with Patrick's job. He is doing well, learning a lot, and working normal hours. It's refreshing. I love seeing him dressed up every morning. I love that we always have dinner together and no one is running out the door. It is all very very good.

Stay tuned... I have so much to write and say... and many pictures.

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