Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashes Much...Another Countdown

So today starts the 40 day countdown... to glorious Easter. I find myself thanking God today to be pregnant during a time the Church has set aside to realize we are "nothing" because the small sufferings of every day give me the opportunity to realize my weakness, my littleness in the eyes of God.  The ashes remind us of death and if we think of that moment, so many things seem so unimportant... and most of the time those things that are unimportant are able to grow a little farther from us during this season of renewal in our small souls. It's pretty brilliant: Lent. 

Someone told me today of something Mother Teresa said and I have been praying much about it... when a cross came her way, Mother Teresa took on the attitude that the cross was not her own, but Christ's, and she was only experiencing something that belonged to Him. So for a brief time if she was able to bear a small burden of His very heavy cross, it was much easier... it wasn't hers to begin with... she was now just able to help some. If we were ever able to be there in every moment he suffered, it would be more than evident that any possible suffering we could encounter, He already has.

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  1. So...did you guys start a new blog and then give it up for Lent??