Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Sweet Venture

Who knew I could love someone so much?!
If you look up the word venture in the dictionary it says something like "a risky or daring undertaking or journey" and I would have to say that more and more I am realizing how sweet this venture of being a wife and mother really is... it is similar I would say to running a small corporation (and some would argue: a huge corporation). So, my attitude has changed lately. Instead of being totally overwhelmed I have decided to take on the strategy of turning my home and job as a home engineer into the Bentley Corporation of Love! Sometimes I am totally enamored by the men and women in the work world (although I do work part time)... they seem in this zone to me, trying to organize their time, manage their business, save money, make money and form people into good employees. As mothers, we have a similar job... we always have more to do than time to do it and we are to organize and manage the home: cleaning bathrooms, dishes, clothes, buying birthday gifts, groceries and needed household items, cooking the meals, and at the same time, balancing a life of prayer, loving our husbands, caring for our children and then taking care of ourselves. It is truly an adventure and I would say quite a daring undertaking. In a talk I heard this week, we were encouraged to be a leader in the home, not like our husbands are called to be, but a leader with the heart, making every act of service done for our family an extension of love to Christ. Christ, I fold laundry because I love you. I change the 3rd poop diaper in an hour because I love you. In time, your home becomes a small corporation of love. So, this is my newest goal.

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  1. sweet sweet boy and his momma!! God Bless Y'all!! Love and Cherish you!!! momma C