Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Is it really November already? Well, we came in town to visit Uncle Paul, Aunt Jeanne and Cousins Paul and Catherine for Halloween and we trick or treated around the Forum... going store to store was easier than truckin' up hills with all the babies. Gabriel had a great time and was chill as always, just hanging out while his dad and I tried to get candy for him ;) to eat! I thought I would be able to stand it like before and eat loads of candy, but after my 3rd Kit Kat bar, I retired for the night. I guess I am getting old. Enjoy the pics below!Gabriel as the Puffy Puppy (with his pumpkin socks).
Gabriel as a pumpkin... this time we lined the pumpkin with towels...
he didn't do so well when we didn't and he was sitting in all the mush.
There we are acting like Gabriel was going to eat the candy!


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  2. How adorable! You better watch out or someone from Hallmark is going to try to get you to let you put your pumpkin-baby on a greeting card ; )


  3. seriously....that is the sweetest EVER! What could be cuter than that little Gabriel??? and IN A PUMPKIN! Oh my gosh....I just LOVE IT! Miss y'all! GBY, Laura