Monday, February 15, 2010

9 Months a Peanut

Our sweet baby boy is growing and is now 9 months old... holy macaroni. I feel like it was just yesterday we brought him home. He is surely showing his maturation by finally sleeping through the night!! Yea! 8pm-8am with no breaks in between. What a big boy! We are so proud. Patrick and I threw a party the first morning we woke up and he was still asleep... then when he did it a week in a row... we threw a bigger party. Although he is getting older he is not gaining too many pounds. I think he has his mommy's genes and is going to be petite. Still around 15 lbs, but we go to the doc Friday, so we will update you then. Some other new things: He is loving music and dances now. I need to catch this on tape because his little bounces are hilarious and he only does it when music is on. He is concentrating very hard on... well, pulling all the papers out of the trashcan, pulling all the Tupperware out of the drawer, all my clothes out of the drawer, and all the clothes out of the dryer. He loves to destroy things. He's a true boy. More than any other place in the whole house, I find him in the bathroom... staring into the tub. He will always love the tub, although lately he is wanting to stand up the whole time he is in the tub... he's crazy. He loves me to read to him and is starting to copy all the sounds I make. When I say "poop" he responds with "p p p" and when I say "dad" he responds with "da" and in the mornings when he wakes up I can hear him crying, "Ma... Ma... Ma." It is so sweet. Sometimes I leave him for a while so I can hear him say my name more! He is eating TONS. He eats 3 HUGE bowls of food every day (food his daddy makes by the way... on Wednesdays when mommy works). He is still nursing some, but I feel that may end soon. He loves sweet potatoes more than anything else and he hates peaches. He is truly the sweetest boy ever. He waves to us and smiles at us all day long. He giggles a lot, but also has a very serious side, like I said before... when he is emptying things. Below are some recent pictures. Enjoy!
Daddy making Gabriel laugh!

Very Serious.

He loves when we push him around the house in this box!

What a ham! He stopped and smiled when he saw I had the camera.

Daddy and Gabriel sleeping on the couch... Patrick is so faking it for the picture. With the Olympics on right now, do you really think Patrick is asleep. No. We do not miss one event.

Mom-Mom dragging Gabriel around in a shopping bag! The simple joys.

Standing up in the tub. He laughs every time.
He thinks he is hilarious. He must get it from his mom.


  1. oh my gosh this is such a sweet post. I can't wait to see you guys soon and meet this kid! :D

  2. What a beautiful baby boy Kristi!

  3. aww i miss you!!!!!!!!!!! and that baby of yours, too!!!!!!!!!! he's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. i can't wait to see you guys and play with him again. love you tons. sending great big hugs and lots of love your way. xoxo