Sunday, June 5, 2011


As we grow older the evidence of suffering in the world becomes more and more real. I loved being in the bubble of young age, where I heard over dinner that a friend of my parents' from high school had passed away or someone was sick with cancer. It barely affected me, although I prayed for these people in my night prayers. The affect of sin and suffering becomes more and more real with age. You are more engrossed of the day to day tragedies, sickness and sadness of close friends, family and neighbors. Lately, I have been praying a lot.

About a month ago my neighbor, Robin, lost her husband, Steve in an unexpected illness. I do not know all the details because it is still too early to ask detailed questions, but after rushing him to the hospital with some bad leg pain, he died two days later. He left a son, Charlie, 9 months old behind to be raised by Robin all alone. My heart was torn to pieces and I sat at the funeral and listened to hid friends speak of the tragedy that had occurred. I spent yesterday at the pool with Robin and Steve's parents because we just happened to be there at the same time. My heart grew in a great appreciation that my husband is here, is supportive, is healthy and able to be with me. I tried to speak with them without crying and grew in strength by watching theirs. Please pray for my friend, Robin, her son, Charlie and Steve's parents.

One of my best friends in the whole world, Lauren Marie Love, just arrived home from Spain for a short time to be with her mom. Her mom has survived cancer once before and now it's back. I just spoke with Love and she is sitting in the hospital with her mom waiting some more results from one of the many tests run. Her mom is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy right now and fighting this cancer with a faith I am not sure I have seen among any one else who has suffered like this. She has a deep and enduring love for Christ through her suffering and it brings light into many lives by watching her steadiness through all of this. Please pray for Love's mom, Doris, that she be healed from this and that her family would be given the strength they need at this time while they watch her suffer.

Lastly, I have a close friend considering divorce. My heart has been carrying a deep sadness for the young children that may suffer this. It has been found that children who suffer a divorce experience more psychological problems, depression and insecurities than children who have a parent who dies. Children are more likely to become sick, have grades drop, and grow in aggression towards family and friends. Divorce is only lawful... what God joins no man can separate. I ache for these young kids. I have been up countless nights praying and thinking... and angry and so incredibly sad for these kids who will have a lifetime to suffer. Divorce never goes away. Once they are married, they will have to spend time with three separate families for holidays. They will have to split time with grandkids, take sides, and watch as the one example they had to teach them to love falls apart. The list goes on and the real effects are something we will never know... we do know they are extreme and grave. Please pray for this family.

God's grace and plan is bigger than ours. We have to remember this. He can take any evil and create good. We rely and trust in Him through it all.

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  1. loved this post. and praying for all you mentioned. thank you for being such a dedicated prayer warrior for those who don't have the strength to pray themselves.

    love you sweet friend.