Monday, November 12, 2012


I tend to go into panic mode when I find out I am pregnant. I am not pregnant. But, for Anthony and Adam I have felt a bit scared. Not because I do not trust in God's plan or because I don't think I can handle it. It's because I am afraid I will not have enough time for each one. I learned from having Anthony that Gabriel quickly learned to become a big helper. And I have learned once again from having Adam, that both the older boys have a new sense of generosity in them. Point being: I think giving your kids siblings has a built in teacher of generosity. So, no need to panic. If they learn generosity, I think many other virtues will follow. And that's the goal, right?!

Today as I was talking about how I needed to clean up the kitchen, but was holding the baby, Gabriel offered to help. He said, "Mom, I will hold the baby for you while you clean up the dishes." Then he proceeded to set up a barricade of pillows around the couch to protect the baby. The pictures below show you the time he spent "babysitting" Adam so I could get some work done. I realized that he gets this from his dad. Patrick is always trying to give me a free moment to get something done I would've done hours ago if it weren't for holding a baby!

Another example from today. We were driving Gabriel to preschool and Adam was crying. Without any prompting of mine both the boys starting singing VERY loudly "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." In a matter of minutes the baby calmed and fell right asleep. Gabriel looked at Anthony and said, "We did it!" "Yeaa," Anthony yelled, "He's asleep!" They are such great helpers.

Both of them bring me diapers. Both of them throw diapers in the trash for me. They are always handing my washcloths while I am preparing the bath. They put their shoes away. Gabriel often picks out Anthony's clothes when he goes to find some for himself. And I notice them even wiping eachother's faces after a messy snack. It's quite amazing to me to watch. When my hands get tied up in Adam, they always seem to find a hand for the other.

Mother Teresa did say to do ordinary things with great love... I hope their siblings are the school they learn this in.

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