Friday, November 16, 2012

Trick or Treat... the Eve of All Saints

It was the eve of All Saints Day... and we talked about praying for those of our family and friends who have died. This is something we do every night... so on this night, we got to explain how although we were going trick or treating, the Church was celebrating a feast... so, we ate candy to celebrate the SAINTS! We explained how it was totally awesome that there were people who had lived such great lives of love that they now got to be with Jesus all the time.

Our little men dressed up as a puppy dog, Spiderman... and Gabriel was a Power Ranger by day and Superman by night! He got to dress up at school that day and then changed his mind about his costume when he arrived home. (Thanks to both grandmothers we have quite a few super hero costumes around here!)

Patrick also got pretty excited about trick or treating and stole some hats! Thank goodness that beard is gone now!

We left around 6pm and went through the whole neighborhood in about 2 hours! Adam slept most of the time, Gabriel ran, and Anthony was the slowest guy in the pack. He walked soooo slow. I generally stayed back with him to make sure he said thank you and didn't fall into too many bushes. After a while I took his mask off hoping to speed up the process, but it only helped a little. My greatest memory of the night was when we arrived home to dump out the candy. Oh my! To prevent an overload of sugar, we have agreed for our kids to trade in their candy for other prizes. This is something we will continue to do... little boys are crazy enough!

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