Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Springtime around here, peeps

For the past two weeks Patrick has been bringing the boys out front to watch a nest, which is situated in a very cozy bush next to our front door. For a while there were 4 beautiful blue and brown eggs. See picture below. We noticed on rainy days the mommy bird would be sitting tall in the nest, protecting her eggs and when the sun was shining, she would wait on the roof of the house next door, keeping close watch. Days went by and to our sadness we did not get to witness the babies hatching out of their eggs, but we sure got a glimpse of them soon after. They were little fur balls, with beaks so small and little eyes that were closed. It was a miracle. I quickly resonated with that joy of waiting so long and then having a child born.

As the days have passed, the little birds have grown so fast. Their eyes have started to open more, their little wings are taking shape and you can even start to hear little cheeps. Each time we go outside, if the mommy bird is not on the roof watching, she is with them. And most of the time if she is on the roof, she is successfully holding some sort of yummy worms, which I suppose is lunch or supper... and as soon as we pull out of the driveway, she swoops down to feed them. I have also many times seen her swoop down to head butt another bird heading in the direction of the babies. It was courageous... and so... maternal!

The boys love when sometimes the babies mistake us for their mommy; we move leaves out of the way to see them and they stick their little heads up and open their beaks real wide. It has been one of those dream science projects that every mom wishes she could create in her back yard. God has sent us the miracle all on His own. It has been a great way to teach our kids about the beauty of life. And a great reminder to me as to how to be a mom... first you feed 'em, then you train 'em, and then you have to let them go... and fly on their own. I already feel sad that one day the little birds will be gone, but I feel proud about it too. There is such a beauty in this life.

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