Friday, December 20, 2013

I am yours

"I belong to everyone. Everyone can say: 'Padre Pio is mine'."
-Padre Pio

The experience I have been having of saying good-bye has made me realize how much God's grace has blessed me, what amazing friends I have gained, what an incredible grace it has been to be a part of so many hearts. It is mysterious. Thank you, Jesus, today, for allowing me to give a piece of my heart to so many souls and ministries. I want to proclaim what Padre Pio has... thanks to You, Lord... "I belong to everyone." I am always here for each of you, in prayer, in thought, in my actions as a wife and mother... and through the amazing and mysterious Mystical Body of Christ. 

I am seriously overwhelmed, exhausted, and so grateful for the past week. The time spent, the letters, the visits, the gifts, the words of kindness and gratitude, the tears. My time here has been a grace... and this good bye has been one of the biggest graces in my life thus far... I had no idea how much my family and I were loved. I am so humbled and so touched. Thank you.

(stay tuned for my thank you post... bring your tissues along)

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