Thursday, August 7, 2014

Come pray the rosary...

She looks for us. Our Mother looks for us like any mother keeps up with their child... whether we are doing well and fine or are in a state of suffering, panic, or feeling lonely. She waits for us like Christ does. She wants us to sit beside her and speak to her of the heaviness of our hearts. She waits.

It seems I have made her wait long some days... or months. I have been distant from our Mother. There has been so much chaos. For a woman who is a mother, I suggest this; that you pray at least a decade of the rosary every day. Meet with her daily. She will sit next to you and hold your hand along the way.

Something that helps a mommy to pray the rosary is something I recently found called ""

Go here and decide how you would like to pray that day... what mystery, as an individual or a group... etc. Turn it on and let them lead you. You can do it in the midst of nursing babies, folding laundry, doing dishes. We forget to often that Christ wants us to find him in our daily routine. He wants us to just love simply in our simple moments. So pray and "sit" with Mary while you serve him in your home. You can even give hugs, pour drinks, cook dinner, kiss boo boos, and hold a baby while you pray.

My kids are starting to learn that this is their mom's quiet time. They can pray along with me, watch the pictures of Jerusalem on the screen of the computer or if they need something super important, they can quietly whisper, "Excuse me" and I can pause the rosary for a moment. Its easy to teach them. They love watching the bead on the screen light up when we get to the next pray too.

Our day needs to be saturated in the Lord. It will help us so much. His grace will fill us. In the midst of all the mess, He is there.

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