Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Never Tired of Love

God speaks to us in many ways. I am particularly a fan of the way He inspires us on a daily basis with His Holy Spirit whispering softly in our ears to say something when no one else does or to be the first to pick up the item the other dropped or even to just smile when we don't really feel like it. It always gives us a breath of fresh air to obey His call. He does this with the big things too, but I think to hear Him well in those things, we must be a person of prayer and of silence... because that is when we hear Him best. I have to admit I don't always find the time of silence He calls me to, but when I do, I am often graced with His voice. And no, this isn't a voice like a man on the radio or at a sports game. It's simply the voice of God...the peace inside that isn't a feeling, but a knowledge.

Years ago I had an inspiration that I will keep with me always and recently it has hit home a little more in me because now I am a mom. It was a time when God reassured me that He never tires in loving me, ever. He will never be too exhausted to stay awake to listen to me speak or help me get through it one last time. He waits for me to rise in the morning and stays up to watch over me through the night. He adores and loves me in a way I could never comprehend.

Now this is so much clearer to me. I can not love my own child as perfectly as this because I am only human, but I understand now better the love of a parent for his child because I am a mom. Exhaustion is totally overrated when you have LOVE.

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