Sunday, August 23, 2009

You're Just Too Good To Be True...

Love those cheeks. I kiss them all day long!

This is his favorite outfit to wear to Mass.

Boy written all over his face... he wants to get into trouble bad.

Can't take my eyes off of you!
Literally, I could look at Gabriel all day long. Today he and I danced to the song
his daddy and I danced to at our wedding. Love me some Frankie Valli.
Here are some recent pictures. It has been a while because we have been traveling a ton. After being gone two weeks we are back home and so glad to sleep in our own bed.
The latest with our little peanut: He is sucking on his hands, grabbing things and trying to put them in his mouth, giggling just a little, kicking like crazy when you lay him down, lifting his head up anytime he is on his belly, and standing on our legs every time we hold him. He just wants to get down and run around already... I can tell. He has the sense of adventure his daddy has in him.
Oh, love is so grand. I just can't wait to have another!