Monday, August 31, 2009

Sounds like life to me...

I have one of the best jobs in the world... I work for the Catholic chaplain at Vanderbilt University. It is amazing to watch God work through our chaplain, through the students, through the sacraments... it is quite miraculous. Working in this job could appear to be peaceful, non-stressful, and totally lax, but it is quite the opposite... when you have a job like this, satan tends to hang around a little more often than with other jobs.

So, the other day, we were having one of those crazy days. Nothing was going right, the schedule for the day totally got thrown off, and it came to the point where Fr. Baker just threw his hands up and said, "Ok, I am at peace now with everything falling apart today."

Loved that. I think I will adopt that quote now as part of my morning prayer. Who has a day where everything goes exactly as planned? Who does actually have their whole house dusted and vacuumed with all the dishes and laundry done? Who is caught up with all their thank you cards and on top of it has answered every last e-mail and returned every phone call they need to? Who doesn't have something wrong with them physically? An aching back, a headache, a papercut? Who is caught up with life? Surely, if you have covered all this ground, you are like Jesus or something. So, have peace with the fact that everything has fallen a part. Just like that country song... "Sounds Like Life To Me." There will always be another diaper to change, another bathroom to clean, a phone call to return. But, have peace with it. No need to stress. All things are passing. Enjoy the moment God has you in, for this moment is His will for you.

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