Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Happy Boy

The video is a little dark, but at least you can hear the sweet noises he makes every morning when he wakes up! He is such a happy baby. And so chill. I just love him more and more each day. Man, God loves me.

This weekend we painted his nursery, finally! His room is almost done, which means soon he will be leaving his bassinet and traveling to his BIG crib. We will post pictures later of the room.


  1. kris!
    i'm sorry i haven't called you back yet. i'm a little swamped at the moment but hope to be able to give you a buzz back next week sometime. i leave for chicago friday and have lots to do before then!!!

    i love love love your sweet baby boy and miss him terribly. i hope to see you all soon!!!
    love you,

  2. Gabriel seriously has to be the MOST beautiful boy EVER! Love those eyes! and all the happy noises!! GBY, Laura