Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Buddy at 4 Months

He is so happy on his belly. He smiles and then gets embarrassed and eats the blanket and then lifts back up again to smile more. My eyes water when he smiles at me like this.
The sweet pure innocence and joy of babies. Our little gift.
The other night we got home kinda late, so his schedule was off. I could not get him to go to sleep. I rocked him and fed him and sang to him and repeated the process more than I can remember. Finally I gave up and decided to get ready for bed. I laid him on the bed while I was getting ready and heard him fussing a little... within a minute he stopped... he was sleeping. All my hard work and he got to sleep himself. (This is the only time we have ever put him in a gown. I don't think he liked it. So I did laundry the next day.)
While I was folding laundry he grabbed Patrick's boxers and starting chewing on them. Then he grabbed Patrick's hat and was trying to eat that too. All I had to do was walk out of the room for one minute. His dad decided he was going to wear it, not eat it.

Above is our first go at rice cereal. He was very confused as you can see, but eventually swallowed! It was hilarious. He finally slept the longest he ever has through the night.
More smiles on the belly! Isn't he so sweet?!
He looks like such a BIG boy in the bumbo. Yes, he always smiling.
Patrick's glasses. He wants to be just like his dad in all things...
so he laughs a lot, wears glasses, and can be very serious about certain things...
I am just waiting for him to ask me for a book to read while he fills his diaper.


  1. i heart him. he's getting so big -- makes me sad i'm not around to see him grow!! miss you guys and love you tons.

  2. Stinkin' adorable. For real. I love the facial expression while eating rice cereal...haha. Blessings to y'all!
    Love, Liz

  3. p.s. i think he looks like a baby turtle. i <3 him.

  4. Oh my goodness Kristi! He is so cute! I hope you are well!