Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If only the carseat were a tub...

Here is the sweetest, most peaceful baby ever... until you get him in the car. In my dreams I can fly to the grocery store and car seats don't exist. Babies can lay in the tub while we travel and there is no screaming. Gabriel has gained an intense hatred of the car this past month. The whining has turned to horrid and uncontrollable crying. We have tried everything from singing to hanging toys to pacifers to windows down to padding to music to silence to rubbing his little head... nothing and I mean nothing works. It is my sanctification. Some moms have to adjust to in the night feedings, some to diapers, some to spit up... me to screaming car baby. I actually kinda like when I get to spend some time with him at night, diapers don't bother me (I just like to see how fast I can change them), and spit up is nothing. I think I changed my shirt yesterday four times and I just remembered now... it's kinda part of the day... BUT THE CAR IS ABSOLUTE TORTURE. No more silence. No more music. Just screaming. So, I can't stay at home all day. I offer up my car rides and try not to drive like a maniac so I can get out. All that being said... pray for me. I will continue to dream of bath time in the car until my little peanut decides to fall in love with the sweet purr of the engine!


  1. Ha Ha! and Emma SCREAMED through every bath until she was about 2! and was an ANGEL in the car! I used to SING at the top of my lungs during the entire stay sane and loving, cause I dreaded it so much! God knows what we need! May you be blessed each and EVERY day as you strive to live this holy vocation of motherhood! You are an AMAZING mom! God Bless, Laura

  2. Hi Bentleys! Just make sure the music is louder than the baby! Sometimes soothing music helps the baby, but I find that sometimes some banging classic rock helps ME.

    God Bless,
    Eddie Mulholland

  3. Kristi - Oh my gosh - your stories make me laugh so hard. Anna and I drove 7hrs to St.Louis. Baby Einstein cds worked like magic...and then after a couple hours not so much. ; ) But, yes, there will always be something that causes us to pray for more grace. The genius of God in getting us to heaven is that he wrapped sacrifice in lots of squishy baby fat and an adorable face. : )