Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Sweet Anthony

8 months old. Anthony is full of sweetness and laughter and he is so stinkin' tough. I love those baby blues. He has the best belly laugh, he loves to eat, and he adores his big brother. He can't crawl yet, but he is doing well sitting up on his own and he can roll clear across any room and rotate in a full circle with the pull of his arms and the kicking of his little feet. He loves the johnny jump up and would be totally satisfied being outside all day long. He sleeps a lot in his swing outside! He is finally sleeping through the night after his parents forced him into crying it out a few weeks back. He cried for one hour for one night and has slept through ever since (minus a few times he woke up just to poop around 3am!) He is most often heard called the chunky monkey, brute or fatty (hopefully he won't have a complex because of those names). Anthony is seriously filled with so much joy. He makes me better because he is always challenging me to be happy, he makes me stronger because he is so heavy and he makes me thank God every day that he arrived just in time to be best friends with Gabriel. I am so glad that they have one another... having our kids close together was the best idea God has ever had (for little us)! You can just look at the pictures above for a glimpse of our sweet Anthony in all his glory! Man, do we love this little guy.

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