Saturday, April 28, 2012

As our family grows...

 Who wouldn't want to wake up to this smiling face every morning? His goal every day is to make me laugh. It is amazing how at this age he knows how to do that. He keeps me on my toes ALL day and makes me laugh ALL day! I adore this little guy. He is so full of joy.

 And then there's my serious, intelligent, and very curious 1st child. This boy has impeccable manners and a heart that is twice the size of his body... the sweetest child I have ever met.

 Gabriel and Anthony on Easter! I must say they were looking pretty handsome.

Gabriel is standing in time out. And yes, that is Anthony standing next to him. Without me knowing it, Anthony went and hung out on the wall with his brother. He is quite faithful to Gabriel. I am sure he thought, well, you are the one in trouble, so I don't mind bringing my toy here... just be happy you have some company. I couldn't stop laughing.

 It's true. They are in the dryer. I was so focused on getting stuff separated and putting it in the washer I didn't even know they had climbed in. They started yelling, "In here!" And then you should have seen the look on Gabriel's face when Anthony figured out how to get the thing spinning. They were like little gerbils in there!

One of my favorite pictures... me and all three of my peeps squished together!

This is what I love about having them so close together. They do everything together. And want to. And love it. It makes me so happy to have given each of them a friend. They play outside together, eat together, watch movies together, build blocks, wrestle... you name it. It is really THE BEST.
(Above: playing in the mud and rain... Gabriel told me, "It's fine, we can get wet. Let's just put our hoodies on." Below: Watching a movie and eating lunch together)

The picture above was something I am so glad I caught. While I cook dinner every night, they sit together and watch one show. (I really hate the TV... but while cooking dinner, it's a must). While I was cooking I looked in to check on them and this is what I found... Anthony just laying on Gabriel's lap. So stinkin' cute. And the funniest part was Gabriel just let him.

Happy Easter from all 5 of us! Our family picture on Easter! This is the man I love. I mean, I really love him. People always ask me, how do you do it? 2 kids and pregnant. Just look at the man in this picture. He works his butt off at work and then comes home and gets to work. He does SO much for me and the boys. He is an amazing man. Truly. Having a growing family is so fun because we are on the same team... working together to raise these boys... and trying love one another as best we can, even as tired as we are.

Above: this is my BIG belly. This is what I look down and see every day. WHOA! HUGE. I know. I am already growing out of clothes that I wore the week I delivered Anthony... and I still have 8 weeks to go. I am pretty uncomfortable. But, hey, temporary pain for an eternal soul, right!? Due June 25th. C'mon, baby!

Above: My 3 precious souls. It cracks me up when the two boys are sitting on my lap and the baby starts kicking them through my belly. They laugh. And I laugh. Pretty soon there will be three of them. It's so crazy to me. I can't imagine life with three, but then again, I can not imagine what my life was like before these two boys arrived. Thank you, Jesus, for such an exciting roller coaster ride of raising our little family that is growing to be so big. We are blessed and so happy. As hard as this is, we have recognized the joy, and can not wait to see what else you have in store for us. As our family grows, we pray that you keep us close to your Sacred Heart.

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  1. Now that there is another addition to the family, I think it's time for you to have a family photograph taken by a professional. One that you could hang up on your wall for everyone to see. Won't you just look at those smiles? =D Gorgeous little men! I've seen photos of your new baby from the most recent posts you have. He certainly took after Anthony's and Gabriel's smiles, don't you think?

    Isabelle Galindo