Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I wish I had my video camera...

... but I did take some film in my mind and my little heart. Sometimes we have moments in our life that we wish we could capture and replay over and over. Sometimes we have inspirations from the Holy Spirit that we wish we could share in the same way the Lord shared them with us. And sometimes we just have a crazy moment that would mean nothing to you, but means everything to me. Tonight we gave up on cooking (after thinking I may be in labor soon) and went to the Cracker Barrel with the boys. It was super fun. Just our little family... fried chicken, peg board games, biscuits and some awesome sweet tea. It was peaceful and our boys were so well behaved, as they always are. On our ride home, we put on one of our favorite songs... Lady Antebellum's Own the Night. We have a tradition now where the moment the song comes on, we just start jamming away... everyone is clapping, everyone is singing (or at least trying to) and everyone is giggling.

For some people it may have just looked a bunch of crazies being crazy in the car... for me it was a sign that we are blessed. We are made happy by simple things. And we have a great time together... we have joy... just like God calls us to. We are a family just trying to make it by throwing joy into our daily lives... however we can. I wish I had that video camera. But, even though I didn't, I had the reassurance tonight that all is well... in the midst of waiting on a baby, making tough decisions, having the troubles of the world at our feet, being exhausted, and the list goes on... all is well... we have one another. God is good. All the time.

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