Friday, January 25, 2013

never for granted

You will have to forgive me for my last post. It may have come across as one big huge enormous complaint. (I may only be apologizing to the five of you who I know read this blog! but nevertheless...) To be honest, sometimes I just get really worn out being a mommy and I had a really hard day that should've gone in a journal somewhere instead of on the blog... I think, but I will leave it there for you to see the joy at the end of it. But, I never ever take this vocation for granted... ever. I know of the thousands today who march in D.C. for life. I know of the millions who have been aborted. I know of the millions who have aborted... some I know personally.  I know of the pain of a miscarriage. I have seen the pain of infertility and then the joy of adoption. I will never take my little men for granted. Ever.

I read a beautiful post today from my friend, Maria, that reminded me of how the aches and pains of motherhood are only a reminder of sweet souls in our home, in our life and how very special and sweet that makes every moment. Here it is if you would like to be inspired...

Lord, help me to recognize your love and your life in each moment of my day. Help me to take nothing for granted.

Praying today for the 54 million souls who have lost their lives and for those who still believe it is OK. 

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