Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One lucky mama

 This years family photos! Thank you, Branden O'Neil for taking these for us!

I write this with a grateful heart. Thanking God for these little works of art.

Dear Adam,
You have grown so tall. And you are the happiest, most content baby I have had. You still keep me up in the middle of the night to eat, but you are quick to eat and get back to sleep. You are totally in love with me, which I love, and no matter how hard I try, I will never be funnier than your brothers are to you! You giggle at them all the time. I can already tell that you are going to have no problem fitting right in with them. I saw you roll straight across the floor a few days ago to their new police station and grab the guys they were playing with. Anthony proceeded to tell you to "Move over, brother" but you just kept right on trying to butt in and all the while smiling real big at Anthony. It was hilarious to me. I love that you want to be right there with them.

You already have the sweetest temperament and have been gut giggling since you were about 2 months old, which is so early. Some of my friends' babies didn't do that till they turned a year or so... I was shocked when you started doing this. You are so filled with joy!! You have recently been trying to get up on all fours. I expect you to be crawling soon. We are about to start feeding you solid foods, which I know you are thrilled about, considering you grab just about anything that is in my hand and shove it in your mouth... even my hair... yuck!

I can't wait until you talk. I have a feeling you are going to be a lot like me and Gabriel, with a sensitive side, but I can tell that you are charming like Anthony... and somewhat daring too, which is more like your dad. I know for sure you will be happy without fail. I really can't get you to stop smiling. I have seen more than a few times when people are talking with you and you smile at them with that little twinkle in your eye.. and I see their eyes well up... there is something about you, little man. You are very special.

Dear Anthony,
I love that you are talking to me so much. I love that you have found sentences and new words and that you understand what I am explaining to you. I love that you dance at even the slightest sound of music and then look to me with those eyes that ask, "You gonna dance with me, or what?" You have grown to be such a big boy, not a toddler anymore.. but a big 2 year old. You certainly LOVE to eat. You especially like cheese and fruit and when I ask you if you want to have a picnic with me you always respond with, "Yea, with take (steak) and tay toes (potatoes)!"I wish I could explain to people the depth of your love. You love really deep. Last night when one of your friends got in trouble, you even came to me with a sad face and laid your head on my shoulder. You are quite the protector.

You will hands down be my funniest dude. Your voice, your laugh (SO loud), and your spontaneous acts of rough and tough love make me laugh all day long. A hug from you consists of you throwing yourself at me. I need armor for your hugs. It is amazing how much joy I find in just watching you. You will be just like your dad when you grow up... you will love because it is the right thing to do. And you will be persistent about it.

More than anything I love when you spend time with Gabriel. I am super proud of you for learning to stand your ground.. he is the big brother, you know. You have made sure to share, but have also made sure than Gabriel shares. I LOVE that you call him either, "Brouder (brother)" or "Grabe riel." I smile everytime I hear it. Thank you for being the best middle brother. You have already learned to attend to Adam when he needs something, busting out in song when he is crying and I can't get to him right away, or by always asking Gabriel, "Are you OK, brouder?" when Gabriel has fallen. You are so very special.

Dear Gabriel Patrick,
I love that you are such a big boy in such a little body. If someone couldn't see how tiny you are, they will surely think you were 10 years old. You act like it. You have hands down won the heart of anyone who has spoken to you. You have such an outgoing personality that gets lit up in the presence of people (that's like your dad.. not your shy mom), and you will speak to anyone... usually it's your initiative. "How are you doing today" "What's your name? Would you like to play with me?" I have met many new friends at the park because you first put yourself out there to make a new friend. You have made me better. I have watched your example and known that we should reach out to people.

You are obsessed.. and I mean, totally obsessed with power rangers, super heroes, and anyone who flies, has a weapon or a cool vehicle. You could spend ALL day long playing make believe with "your guys." You want to take them everywhere and pretty often ask anyone around to play with you. It amazes me to listen to the conversations your guys have... you are one smart dude.

You have an impeccable memory. You love "a mystery" as you call it. And you are the world's greatest big brother, according to your mom. The other day you were obviously wearing the dino socks Anthony wanted. "Oh, you want to wear these ones?" In just a moments time, they were off your feet and you were trying to put them on Ant, as you call him. You are always checking on Adam, bringing him toys, bringing me diapers, and you love to make both your brothers laugh... just yesterday you were dancing like a goofball in the car and Anthony was laughing so hard, he was having trouble breathing. You are one special dude.

To all three of you,
As I sat today on the couch rubbing Anthony's back because he is sick, I looked around at the mess, not being able to clean it up. Part of me thought, man, I feel captive here. Then I took a moment. Jesus reminded me how you three boys set me free... you set me free from the desires I have to want and do those things that do not have an eternal value. Instead of spending my days picking out furniture, clothes and new cars, and cooking the perfect meals, and having the super shiny clean house I spend my days with you, the eternal souls God has entrusted me. You have done everything but held me captive... you have set me free from this world, from worldly desires, from selfishness, and led me down a path where I seek Christ more and more because I have none of those things to rely on for happiness. I pray everyday for a bigger heart, a more humble heart, a more generous heart, and He teaches me and grants me these graces through each of you. There is no where I'd rather be.
Your Mommy

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  1. Kristi,

    Your letters to your boys are so wonderful! I especially love the last one to all three - you inspire me view the day the day of my vocation with greater love and surrender like you!