Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let the children come to me...

I brought the boys for a quick visit to Jesus the other day.

No one was in the chapel... every mom's relief when she goes to visit Jesus with three little boys.

They ran in. I cautioned them to slow down, no running.

I explained like I always do that Jesus was there in the tabernacle. I suggested they talk to Him. 

Well, they got really really close. I cautioned them, "Not so close, guys." But, why? Why not up there right next to him, sitting on their knees? Talking to him like a best friend? Or a father? Their dad doesn't tell them to back up when they come to sit at his feet to talk or listen. So, I let them be. And as always, my children taught me something in their great simplicity. We must always come to Him like a child. Up close. So close. And sit at his feet. That is where He wants us. I am certain. So, I took a picture as to not forget this lesson they taught me.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me through these little souls. 

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