Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pope Francis stirs things up...

Last night I went to a talk. It was a miracle I made it. These pregnancy migraines have really done me in this time. I am praying for a reprieve. Thanks to Jenny who drove me. Tonight for the first time, I do not feel nauseous. I cannot remember the last time I didn't feel as if I was on the verge of gagging. I am not sure if it will last... but I know well that the first sign of relief means the end is in sight... I pray Mary chose well with my suffering this time... I know she did.

So... back to Pope Francis. It was beautiful how Fr. Edward explained how this Pope of ours has come to be the third step in a series of three. He reflected on the way that JPII spoke to the will, Benedict spoke to the mind, and Pope Francis now speaks to the heart. He is using the media in such a creative and strategic way. He is not only teaching the world, but at the same time, guiding the media... to be reminded that not only does the Church focus too much on contraception, abortion and same sex marriage, BUT SO DO THEY! He is finding a way to bring back the love and mercy of God to the media. It is a message lost behind the many doctrines and teachings. We're getting back to the basics.

We were reminded last night that our Pope is encouraging us to not be satisfied in our bubble of Catholics or even Christians, but to go out, to make contact with those who have never experienced the love of God. The most prominent point here is... there is never conversion without the experience of love. And there is always conversion with the experience of God's mercy. This is what we are being called to bring back to the souls in our path... and those that may not be so close to our path. We must go out.

JPII led us back to the Church by reminding us its beauty and setting our hearts on fire to change. Benedict taught us with his intellectually stimulating letters and books and by his humility... and now... Pope Francis shows us that you must walk beside those who do not know Christ, get to know them, hear of their brokeness, and then share the mercy of God with them. Today, people have forgot that Christ has died for them. They need to know.

It has always been true for me... and probably for you too. There is nothing I have ever done for Christ without remembering His mercy. He has saved me from so much. He has loved me so much. He has so loved me.

I am forever grateful that I chose St. Margaret Mary Alocoque as my confirmation name so many years ago... at the time, I did not realize what a great treasure she is to me... and to the Church. The message Christ gave her is the same one we are hearing from Pope Francis. The heart of Jesus burns for us. His sacred heart wants nothing more than our love.

It is all very simple. We must love better and bigger every day. We must love our husbands and our children and be patient with them. And then we must be courageous enough to share God's mercy with the world.

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