Monday, September 15, 2014

My guest room...

For the past few weeks my guest room had been taken over by my mother in law and then my mom. I have not had the chance to go in there and blog, but now, I hope to start up again.

A few tips of practicality for your day...

1) My day remains most simple when I do not turn the TV on... I keep shows for the moments of desperation... they seem to save me when I need to cook dinner with no one at my feet and around hot pans. Its best to just open up the back door when I am temped to turn on the TV

2) With the more children I have, I realize that it's OK to just be at home. Stay at home, let them find their routine, play make believe, get along with one another. You just can't push yourself to do field trips these days... have consistency with naps, meal times, etc. It helps these little people.

3) Set a goal to read each of your children at least 3 books a day (or one long one!)

4) I am done with sippy cups. I just bought these amazing camelbak water bottles for kids. $11 on Amazon. We have a sports one, a T rex, and an underwater scene. Best decision to keep filtered water going all day long and not go through 20 million sippy cups leaking all over my house and car. Simplicity...

5) Even 2 year olds can help unload the dishwasher. Set your expectations high.

6) Always start the day with a morning offering... pray it with your kids. It counts for you and them.

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