Sunday, September 28, 2014

These sweetums

I'm realizing more and more that our children are here to sanctify us... in our marriage and as individuals. I am being stretched and stretched and my children are allowing me to look inside myself and see where I am so far from perfection.

There are some days when I think that "all these kids" are just too much, but they are not at all. They are just enough... just enough to show me how to be holy. They are my constant sanctification and without each one, I would not be made pure in the very specific way each one provides. One pulls on my patience, while the other pushes me to order and simplicity, while another slows me down, and another draws me out to be creative.

I am every day the chef, the accountant, the home decorator, the cleaning lady, the manicurist, the tailor, the laundry mat, the comedian, the disciplinarian, the center of gravity and heart of the home, the organizer, the secretary, the gift buyer, the birthday caller, the prayer, the hostess, the pick up lady, the nurser, the shopper, the clothing sorter, and most importantly, the wife.

I am growing here in Rhode Island. As much as I resisted. I am really growing. I am able to look deeper since everything but my home life was taken from me. The gracious and loving Father who knows me so much was well intentioned. He knew I could continue to strive for holiness in a better way here. Being busy is very distracting to finding God. So, I am here now... coming up on a year... and I feel as if I am beginning to find the Lord again.

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