Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not alone

I believe so much in the Mystical Body of Christ. It is so real. At any moment I can be with each one of you when I am in prayer. The Holy Spirit connects us through this spiritual way... and this is especially true during the Mass when we receive Holy Communion.

I am so happy to see you there and be with you, dear moms and

my family who is far away... and especially you who I love so much in Nashville. Thank you for your prayers, your fidelity, your humility in your vocation. Because of you, I never feel alone, even if at times I am lonely in this job.

Keep up the good work. So many days this can be so very difficult. Embrace it with so much joy. We can not change the world without joy. And when I think of you, when I make a spiritual communion, I am able to grasp joy... because there all of you are standing beside me... carrying on as best you can...

Some of my favorites...

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