Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do you see the focus?

These are my guys at bath time... the focus... it's intense. They are pouring water into and out of cups. This is one of the qualities they got from their dad... great focus when involved in a project. It cracks me up when I find characteristics in them that remind me so much of their daddy. It also makes me appreciate Patrick more for all the wonderful things he has given them that I surely did not pass on!

Someone once told me that being able to find really great characteristics in your children that you or your husband also possess is a gift... they also told me that when you see your weaknesses in them, it also helps us to be more forgiving. I find myself being more forgiving of myself and much more forgiving of Patrick when I see the human qualities that we have passed to them that are a little less than perfect.

Just my thought of the day. I love these guys!

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