Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday... Ash Wednesday... and Lent is here...

It is super exciting to me to begin to share in the Church's liturgical year with my children... although they are not totally understanding everything... we are surely beginning with feast days, colors of the liturgical year, what is going on with Jesus in the Church calendar, and what we should be working on in our own little hearts. It was great fun to serve up chocolate donuts on the morning of Fat Tuesday because we never give them sweets for breakfast (at nap time, I realized why... sleep strike showed me!), but nevertheless, we are celebrating... and as Fr. Baker says, "We always are to fast with the Church and feast with the Church!"

Now comes the "mortification" if you will. What could I give up? What could I add? How can I semi-fast being pregnant? What should we do as a family? As we went through the possibilities I realized more than ever how we can get stuck in a rut... we can get stuck doing the same old thing... we can get stuck being mediocre. I am so thankful this year for Lent already. I can see within just half a day how my life can be better when I spend less time on the internet, more time with my kids, and I already know that the few "bad" things I have removed from my diet and that taking my prenatals EVERY day is something that will make me better. Now to get through our first evening without television. Our flesh dreads change... at least mine does... but, I already have so many ideas of things we can do tonight instead of watching TV. There are many more small things on my list... things that don't need to be mentioned... but, it is truly a blessing to be reminded how we can LIVE more in Christ every day by just changing some small things. By doing or not doing something, even something very little, it is transforming us... and making us holy.

Lastly, there is prayer. Besides the extras and the "I give ups" we can not forget prayer during this holy season. It is in prayer that we have the chance to look at ourselves and examine who we are, how we need to be forgiven, and that is where the resolutions take place. So, however it is for you... a meditation, reading of the Gospel, the rosary, Stations of the Cross, etc... don't forget to find Christ in the silence and still of your day and renew your love for Him. This is my goal... to fall more in love with Jesus every day by meeting him in prayer consistently. We have an appointment every day.

Lent... tis the season. Live it up.

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