Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long time no blog... so, here's the boys right now!

I realized I haven't blogged in so long. We are expecting our third baby... really our fourth, considering we have one tiny soul in Heaven already... and this pregnancy has been just as rough as the other two! So, I will have to forgive myself for letting it go (and for the few of you who read my blog, forgive me too). So many wonderful things are going on in my little world of raising two boys. As you can see from the pictures above, it really doesn't get much better than this. I am gonna brag... but, I am convinced that I have two of the sweetest (yet, most different) boys ever. They are super affectionate, super thoughtful, and super hilarious. We have been working so hard on discipline, but it has actually been fairly easy because Gabriel is so good.

Instead of spending ALL night long typing, I would like to highlight my little guys and catch you up on them...

Gabriel: His first year of school has gone great. They tell me he speaks like a 6 year old and has great manners, and still holds the record for the only kid in the class with no potty accidents. He only goes one day a week and I miss him terribly when he's gone, but it has been good for his eating and his respect for people in authority other than Patrick and I. His vocabulary is through the roof and his thoughtfulness is much greater than a wise old man. He asks me daily how I am feeling and how the new baby is doing. He always is trying to help Anthony out when he needs just about anything and he remembers to pray for anyone who he promises prayers to. I am daily amazed by him. He is gentle and kind, but super determined and VERY, let me add, VERY independent. Our life goes by in slow motion as he dresses himself, wants to bath himself, puts on his own shoes, climbs into the car, etc, etc. ALL BY HIMSELF! He is beginning to say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" and "excuse me, Mommy" and I love all of these things that come out of his little mouth. He is LOVING nursery rhymes right now and wants to sing them every moment we are in the car. He also loves to narrate our day and constantly is asking, "What am I doing today?" the moment he wakes up. He's into Spiderman and other super heroes and likes to watch Blues Clues and Tangled. He's great with plots of the story and likes to make up stories too. He prays the Angelus with me before naptime, always reminds us to pray before meals, loves night prayers, and every Sunday after Mass, he religiously visits the Blessed Mother to say a Hail Mary and kiss her feet and then to St. Joseph where you will hear him whisper, "Pray for my future spouse!" I know... he's like a man in a little guy's body. I just adore him. There is so much more... but this is him in a very small nutshell.

Anthony: Ohh, Anthony! My life is crazy funny because of this little dude. I have started to tell people that if you want to know how Anthony walks, just watch Johnny Depp stumble around on the Pirate of the Caribbean. He is so clumsy and so rough... and SO hilarious. You can most often find him giggling a crazy gut giggle just about anywhere... laughing about just about anything. Today for instance, I turned around to find out what he was laughing about and he was STANDING on my coffee table. He has recently been pooping in the tub and thinks it's funny. He LOVES to be outside, whether it's below zero or hot. And he adores animals. I never knew what people meant when they said their children were animal lovers, but I see now, that Gabriel does not care for animals and Anthony would squeeze the heck out of any of them. My poor baby now has a scar on his face that he will carry for the rest of his life from a dog bite... super traumatizing for me, but he is alive and well, with a battle wound to prove that even a dangerous dog is worth a big hug. Anthony loves to be rough and then chase you with kisses and he really loves his mom, but has a special love for his dad that I never saw in Gabriel. Anthony has recently been crying anytime Patrick leaves, which is sad, but I kinda love... because I like that he misses him. Anthony has begun to say lots of words... ball, dog, Mama, DaDa, cookie, snack, no no no no, stop, and a few others... and he now does sign language for please and more, which is so cute... and he can pick out all of his body parts when asked... head, nose, eyes, ears, head, hands, feet, belly button. It's super cute. When it's time for prayers at the table he reminds us by slapping his hands together and waiting and he attempts the sign of the cross which I just love to watch while he has that BIG smile on his face. He is totally my rough and tough little man, but sensitive and sweet all at the same time. He is definitely, without any doubt, going to be my lady's man. Flirt lives on his face and he really does love the ladies. He's got those eyes that just say it all. Anthony in a nutshell.

And me. As of now, I am surviving.. Like most moms at this point in being a mom, life is really joyful and at the same time really hard. Every moment is selfless. There is no time for myself, but lots of time to love and that is always good. I am learning to be more flexible, live in a mess if I need a nap, and I have been OK with things not going as planned. It's all good. I feel so blessed to be here in those giggling moments with them and so blessed to be here to hold them when they are sick or cutting a tooth. I am so glad I am not working anymore. God has been good to allow me to be home. I have so much peace... and feel more than ever that this is where I belong. So, now I pray for grace to get through each day of selfless love. And grace to have a sense of humor in it all. And the grace to not give up on always doing what is best for them... be it discipline, being less controlling or just being present. Being a mom is about being present. I am learning this more than ever. They aren't grading me. They benefit from me striving for holiness... and me being around.

Thank you, Jesus, for mommyhood. Thank you for my boys. And thank you for the husband who so wonderfully helps me raise them.


  1. What a great post! Thanks so much. I did catch that line about not working any more...I was a lot harder to handle than either one of these two! ;-)

    We miss you at Vandy Catholic. Come bring the boys!

    P.S. I will pray about the sickness!

  2. oh my goodness... I know I'm pregnant and therefore hormonal, but Gabriel asking Joseph to pray for his future spouse made me cry! You have two amazing little boys, Kristi... you are such a wonderful example to them. I pray I can raise my children up to be amazing children of God the way you have with yours... beautiful!