Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A reflection for a tough few months

"The decision about the number of children and the sacrifices to be made for them must not be taken only with a view to adding comfort and preserving a peaceful existence. Reflecting upon this matter before God, with the graces drawn from the sacrament, and guided by the teaching of the Church, parents will remind themselves that it is certainly less serious to deny their children certain comforts or material advantages than to deprive them of the presence of brothers and sisters who could help them to grow in humanity and to realize the beauty of life at all ages and in all its variety" (1979). Blessed Pope John Paul II

I am glad that JPII can always put us in our place. It has been tough being pregnant this time around. The migraines have done me in. The exhaustion, sick kids, and finances have caused stress and worries. But, the moment is always passing. The grace is always there for that moment and we get through it. And when I worry about what I can not give to them, I love to be refocused on what I am giving them: one another. I feel certain nothing can ever be more important than that. If my only goal is to teach them love, well then, the school of siblings is the best. A teacher of selfless love, helping one another, pitching in, feeling part of something bigger than yourself, having friendship and companions, having more people in your daily life to love and love you. I can't see that anything would weigh heavier than love. In the end, that is all that remains anyway.

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